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From the Earth

It happened on a morning hike a few years ago. Walking my usual trail, I slow up to gaze around me. The sun, sneaking through the leaves, sent shafts of light on fallen logs and drying ferns. I smiled and breathed deeply; fall was in the air. Just enough of a chill made me grateful for my sweater. I continued at a gentler pace soaking it all in.

I began to wonder exactly why being outside, in the midst of creation, does such incredible things to my mind, body and spirit. A reminder of what my pastor had recently said came to mind. God (The Trinity, actually) formed us from the dust of the earth and then breathed into us the breath of life. WOW! The rest of creation he spoke into existence but He formed us from the earth and then gave us His very breath! As that picture formed in my mind it became revelation to my heart. This is why I feel so alive in nature! God formed me using it, in essence. To top it off, He enlivened me with the air He breathes. I imagine His breath smelled of autumn, although it may have been sea breeze or a sage infused Rocky Mountain sort of burst!

Today, my spirit is mulling this over in wonder once again...

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